The pros and cons of laser bore sighting

By its very nature, a laser shoots out of a barrel with perfect straightness and pinpoint accuracy. This makes some shooters wonder why even after laser bore sighting their weapons, their bullets are off center. The simple answer is because a bullet isn’t a perfect instrument – two bullets with the same caliber but different […]

Training as you hunt, hunting as you train

The old United States Army adage “train as you fight, fight as you train” applies just as much to hunting as it does to warfighting. You don’t spend your time at the range doing trick shots if you intend to hunt boar, and you don’t practice with iron sights if you know full well the […]

A GunLove Quiz!

Think you know your firearms? Are you a long-time shooting expert or brand-new to the game? Found out in the quiz below! 0%-30% — You need to ‘up’ your knowledge! 30%-50% — Sure, you know a little something-something 50%-70% — Someone’s been studying their firearms literature… 70%-90% — You’re a regular GunLove guru 100% — […]

Official History of Optics and Firearms

Official History of Optics and Firearms   Mark Butler   Fire Lances Before thermal optics, night vision, red dot lasers, rifles, riflescopes, handguns, cannons and rudimentary muskets, there were fire lances. Fire lances were the proto-gun, the 10th century ancestor of all modern firearms. Fire lances were essentially spears with explosive bags of gunpowder at […]