Active Shooter Training for Security Personnel

If you’re an armed security officer protecting a location like a bank, a school, a mall, or the downtown area of a major city, this article is for you. Most of the following advice and data is taken from the book “Active Shooter Events and Response” by Dr. John P. Blair. America has seen a […]

The shotgun and its applications

The bane of turkey, waterfowl, and home invaders everywhere, the ubiquitous shotgun is known and loved by hunters, farmers, law enforcement, and private gun owners all over the world for its versatility and power. While the rifle may be the king of long-range precision and nothing beats the pistol for practical everyday carry, the shotgun […]

Shooting Fundamentals

Anyone who wants to use a firearm responsibly must recognize the principles and key fundamentals involved in shooting. First, he or she should know the five rules: Handle all firearms as if they are loaded Keep your weapon unloaded until it is ready to use Do not point the weapon at anything you don’t intend […]

A Brief Calibers Guide

Calibers Mark Butler A novice gun enthusiast walks into a store. The shop is bright and clean and smells faintly of wood oil. Hunting rifles adorn the walls and glass cases of handguns border three sides. Six or seven guys linger about, each sporting a bushy beard, combat boots and camouflage. The clerk behind the […]