The shotgun and its applications

The bane of turkey, waterfowl, and home invaders everywhere, the ubiquitous shotgun is known and loved by hunters, farmers, law enforcement, and private gun owners all over the world for its versatility and power. While the rifle may be the king of long-range precision and nothing beats the pistol for practical everyday carry, the shotgun […]

How to grip a pistol

The earliest pistols were developed in the late 16th century, but curiously it took mankind 400 years to learn how to grip a pistol “the right way,” holding it between with two hands instead of just one. Nearly every pistol user from the age of high seas piracy right up to the 20th century fired […]

Shooting Fundamentals

Anyone who wants to use a firearm responsibly must recognize the principles and key fundamentals involved in shooting. First, he or she should know the five rules: Handle all firearms as if they are loaded Keep your weapon unloaded until it is ready to use Do not point the weapon at anything you don’t intend […]

The importance of good scope rings and mounts

Although many people are willing to spend a good bit of cash for their optics, they aren’t usually as ready to open their wallets for a good scope mount. This is unfortunate, since a $7,000 optic probably wouldn’t do any good if it was mounted with $6 scope rings. With enough recoil, a scope can […]