How the Musket made America

In the old world, nations were formed through trade, nomadic expansion, or through the fall of powerful empires. It is arguable, however, that the United States of America was formed in large part thanks to the power of the gun, and for 400 years, that gun was a musket. Ever since the New World was […]

The Legacy of the Colt Peacemaker

One of the two “guns that won the west,” the Colt Model 1873 Single Action Army, better known by its nickname “the Peacemaker” will forever be associated with cowboy hats, bucking broncos, and gun duels at high noon. Chambered in .45 Long Colt, this six-round single-action revolver has retained its popularity as a reliable, hard-hitting […]

Lady Death: the Most Deadly Female Sniper of All Time

March is international women’s month, and what better way for GunLove to celebrate it than to recall the greatest women shooters of our time? When Americans think of “badass women shooters” their minds conjure images of Annie Oakley, the legendary trick shooter of the old west or Lena Miculek, the extremely talented IPSC shooter who […]