Axis Milsurp Rifles of World War 2

Axis milsurp rifles are rarer than their allied counterparts. Their ammunition is rare and usually expensive, but they have a classic charm which modern polymer rifles lack. Much like their national counterparts, the Italians lag behind in terms of accuracy and quality, while the Japanese and German firearms pick up the slack. The Mauser in […]

Allied Milsurp Rifles of WW2

The service rifles of the Allied forces of World War 2 are, ironically, heavily influenced by the German Mauser. Milsurp collectors will enjoy them for their aesthetics, durability, and compatibility with modern ammunition. Great Britain – Lee Enfield SMLE (Short Magazine Lee Enfield) Mk III The British Lee-Enfield SMLE has a long development history stretching […]

The importance of good scope rings and mounts

Although many people are willing to spend a good bit of cash for their optics, they aren’t usually as ready to open their wallets for a good scope mount. This is unfortunate, since a $7,000 optic probably wouldn’t do any good if it was mounted with $6 scope rings. With enough recoil, a scope can […]