The AR-15: America’s National Gun

The United States of America has a national bird: the mighty bald eagle; as well as a national motto, “In God We Trust.” For Republican Congressman George Santos (NY), the US should also have a national gun. Nothing fits the American character more than the AR-15. To Santos, this semi-automatic, gas-operated, rotating bolt chambered in […]

Why the US used a Missile to Shoot Down the Chinese Balloon

The American public is curious to know why the United States Air Force used a $400,000 Sidewinder missile to shoot down a simple spy balloon. The government’s handling of February’s Chinese spy balloon fiasco had originally been criticized for inaction, failing to shoot down the balloon even as it blatantly violated US air space and […]

SUITs and Baby Poop: The Story of the Rhodesian FAL

Fabrique Nationale’s Fusil Automatique Leger (Light Automatic Rifle) or FAL was at one time one of the most successful service rifles in the world. Its 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge provided the accuracy and stopping power needed to counter the Warsaw Pact and the 7.62x39mm used in its AK rifles. This venerable rifle was used in forty-five […]

Too Many Attachments Will Ruin your Gun

When medieval Chinese engineers first figured out how to push projectiles out of a long metal tube to make the first guns, none of them could envision the day when men would take flameless lanterns or blinding rays of light in red and green to make them into attachments for the fire lance. Now, in […]

Is the ATF after your SBR? Get a Bullpup

The ATF’s proposed ruling requiring all short-barreled rifles with stabilizing braces to have tax stamps has provoked the righteous anger of millions of legal gun owners who, at the stroke of a pen, could become felons just because their rifles happen to have a particular cosmetic accessory. On Jan. 13, the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, […]