Christmastime is upon us, and every mom and dad will be scrambling to get gifts for their little boys and girls. While little Bobby and Susie can’t wait to find shiny new Nintendo Switches and AirPods in their stockings, the hunters and shooters among us don’t want to be left out in the cold. Nearly every modern gunpowder weapon can be made better with the addition of an accurate and durable optic, and If you’re on the fence about what kind of scope or red dot sight to get for that special someone in your life who loves the smell of gunpowder – or if even you’re looking to get a gift for yourself this Christmas, GunLove has you covered with some of the best optics on the market. 

Weatherby Vanguard .25-06 Remington: Presidio 3-18×50

Weatherby Vanguard rifle with Presidio 3-18x50 riflescope

The best scope for a .25-06 Remington like the Weatherby Vanguard should be an optic with clear glass and high magnification like the Sightmark Presidio 3-18×50. The high muzzle velocity and flat trajectory of the .25-06 mixed with the 18x maximum magnification, precise Mil-dot adjustments, and first focal plane reticle of the Presidio create a lethal and accurate rifle system capable of taking out targets at long range. 

Franchi Momentum Elite Varmint 6.5 Creedmoor: Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27×56 FFP

Franchi Momentum Elite rifle with Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27x56 FFP riflescope

Chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, with a lightweight synthetic stock and a responsive adjustable 2-4lb trigger, Franchi’s Momentum Elite Varmint is a serious rifle, and serious rifles need serious optics. The Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27×56 is a first focal plane reticle more than capable of helping a weapon truly reach out and touch something at a thousand yards, which is exactly what the Momentum Elite Varmint can do. The Razor HD Gen II is available in four different reticles and stands a cut above the rest of Vortex’s optics for its glass quality and rugged construction. 

Marlin Model 1894 Dark Series .357 Magnum: Wolverine 1×28 red dot 

Marlin Model 1894 Dark Series lever action rifle with Wolverine 1x28 red dot sight

The iconic lever action rifle of the Old West meets the sleek, modular design of the modern sporting rifle in Marlin’s 1894 Dark Series. This rifle comes in a wide variety of calibers but many favor the powerful .357 for its sheer stopping power. For a cartridge so powerful, only the hardiest of optics will do. One of the best optics for a .357 magnum would have to be the Wolverine 1×28 red dot sight. Boasting 6 years of battery life on setting 6 on a single AA battery, it is guaranteed to last well beyond the days and hours of your range day or hunting trip. Recoil rated up to .375 H&H and built with rubber armored aluminum housing, the Wolverine is a beast of a red dot optic which matches both the Model 1894’s performance and its aesthetics. 

Barrett .50 M82A1: Latitude 6.25-25×56 PRS

Barrett .50 caliber M82A1 anti-materiel rifle with Latitude 6.25-25x56 PRS riflescope

The legendary power of Barrett .50 caliber rifle needs no introduction. Easily capable of hitting a target up to 1500 yards away, this beast of a weapon needs an optic that won’t lose zero – or shatter – when the big gun is fired. The Latitude 6.25-56 Precision Rifle Scope is one of the best scopes for a .50 caliber rifle. Rated precisely for .50 caliber monsters, the Latitude 6.25-25×56 PRS boasts a long magnification range, high maximum windage and elevation adjustments of 20 and 31 mils respectively, and a first focal plane reticle, perfect for serious long range shooters. 

PTR91: Primary Arms 1-8×24 ACSS 

PTR91 rifle with Primary Arms 1-8x24 ACSS riflescope

Sometimes called the “left arm of the free world,” the G3A3 – the rifle the PTR91 and its variants are modeled on – is a .308/7.62x51mm rifle with more than a little kick to its recoil. Designed as an all-purpose rifle capable of engaging targets at both close and intermediate range, it should have an optic reflecting its abilities. The Primary Arms 1-8×24 FFP riflescope is a first focal plane LPVO which combines the responsiveness of a close range optic with the accuracy of a mid-range riflescope. Combined with a SWFA SSALT mount which would enable users to use their iron sights as a backup, this would make the PTR91 a truly versatile weapons system. 

AK-47: Presidio 1-6×24 HDR 

AKM rifle with Presidio 1-6x24 HDR riflescope

The AK-47 is known the world over for its ability to withstand punishment. Its 7.62x39mm round does not have the comparatively gentle recoil of a .223, and this rugged weapon requires an optic that can withstand the grit of sand and mud just as much as it can. The Presidio 1-6×24 HDR may be the best scope for the AK-47 and its derivatives. IP67 waterproof and dustproof and made from durable aircraft grade aluminum, the Presidio can withstand punishment. Its 1-6x magnification is perfect for engaging targets at medium range, and the optic is equipped with a throw lever for quick zoom adjustment. The Presidio also features a circle-dot reticle instead of a traditional duplex, perfect for quick target acquisition at close and medium ranges. 

AR-15: Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8x24mm 

AR15 rifle with Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8x24mm riflescope

The AR-15 is the most popular rifle in the United States, and everyone wants to know what optic they should run on their piece of quality American engineering. The Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8x24mm Low Power Variable Optic riflescope is designed to offer shooters versatility of range without compromising on image quality. The Vortex 1-8x24mm is a first focal plane reticle with a unique AR-BDC3 reticle, calibrated specifically for the AR-15’s .223 caliber rounds. Its first focal plane reticle ensures that shooters will have a large illuminated aiming point for closer ranges while still possessing accurate holdovers for longer ranges. 

Crickett .22 Youth Rifle: Mini Shot M-Spec FMS 

Crickett .22 youth rifle with Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8x24 red dot sight

The lightweight, smooth-shooting Crickett is a great weapon for the budding shooter. While the weapon comes with a 4x combat scope, some shooters might prefer a red dot for faster target acquisition and plinking fun. For people who want a short The Mini Shot M-Spec Fixed Mounting System is a perfect sight for anyone who wants a powerful red dot with a low profile and a long battery life. With 30,000 hours of battery life and 10 reticle brightness levels, this red dot is appropriate for any weapon, including pistols, semi-automatic rifles, and shotguns. 

Benelli Vinci: Trijicon RMR 

Benelli Vinci shotgun with Trijicon RMR red dot sight

As a 12ga semi-auto shotgun, first time users might expect the Benelli Vinci to kick like a mule with every shot. However, thanks to Benelli’s ComforTech® recoil reduction system, the Vinci is one of the softest-kicking shotguns on the market today. This innovative recoil system reduces vertical recoil on all Benelli shotguns, and with a weapon that quickly returns to target, a good red dot would only improve its accuracy. The Trijicon RMR family of red dot sights are designed to take the heavy recoil of a shotgun and comes with a wide variety of high MOA reticles designed with the wide spread of shotgun shells in mind. 

Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Magnum: Agility 1×25 Dot Sight w/ Multi-Dot Reticle 

Ruger Super Blackhawk revolver with Agility 1x25 red dot sight

Pistol hunters take great pride in their ability to sneak up on a deer or hog and take them out at 50 yards or less. Many favor the powerful .44 magnum of the Ruger Super Blackhawk to ensure one-shot ethical kills, and for precision shots, a precise red dot sight sitting on a low-profile mount is preferred. With the Agility 1×25 red dot from Firefield mounted on a no-drill/tap picatinny rail from Weigand Machine and Design, shooters get access to a highly durable red dot with variable reticle sizes and unlimited eye relief, perfect for shooting at turkey, deer, or other game with both eyes open. 

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