Oregonians vote to tighten the state's gun laws

In a poorly executed effort to stop gun violence and mass shootings, the state of Oregon will adopt one of the strictest gun control laws in the nation on December 8. Ballot Measure 114 bans the sale of any firearm with a magazine capacity exceeding ten rounds and requires a permit to purchase any firearm within the state. 

Law abiding hunters, who previously believed their unintimidating wooden-stock shotguns and rifles would be safe from any bill targeting so-called “assault weapons” are surprised to find that 21” barrel shotguns and the vast majority of lever action rifles are banned. The powers that be in Oregonian legislature don’t differentiate between detachable box magazines or magazine tubes, but they do care when a shotgun can hold more than 10 1 ¾” shells – some of the smallest self-defense shells available. 

Another absurdity of the new Oregon gun control law requires first time gun owners to display firearms proficiency before being allowed to purchase their first firearm. Needless to say, this creates a high barrier to entry into shooting sports. 

When the new laws were voted on, they passed mostly because of voters from the highly Democrat urbanized areas of Portland, while rural Oregonians overwhelmingly voted against them. Luckily, local sheriffs have vowed not to enforce these new laws in part or in whole since they consider Measure 114 a violation of citizens’ Second Amendment Rights. 

Some sheriffs share the opinion of many gun owners that the high number of mass shootings in the country is caused not by the proliferation of firearms but by the lack of attention given to the mental health problems of youth. 

However, like all gun control laws, legislators seem to conveniently ignore the fact that these measures designed to keep violent criminals from using guns only affect law abiding citizens, since criminals – by definition – do not follow the law. 

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