The Uzi Submachine Gun: a Hollywood Icon

The Uzi submachine gun, instantly recognizable by its boxy frame and long magazine, was an icon of 1980s action flicks. Frequently depicted as the weapon of gangs and drug lords, this compact submachine gun has been used in 200 movies and 30 wars all over the world from the Middle East to Europe and Africa. […]

A Tale of Two Scorpions

Once upon a time, there were two guns. Both were made with the precision machining and attention to detail characteristic of the great Czech arms manufacturer CZ. They even shared the same name: the “Skorpion,” but that’s where the similarities end.  The two Scorpions in question are the CZ Scorpion Evo 3 and the CZ […]

Why “Tacticool” Isn’t

Why is the concept of “tacticool” looked down on by the gun community? To most shooters who have been serious and consistent about sending lead down range, a person showing up to the bench covered head to toe in tactical gear from his local milsurp store, armed with a cheap weapon covered in hundreds of […]

The Oregon Gun Control Disaster

In a poorly executed effort to stop gun violence and mass shootings, the state of Oregon will adopt one of the strictest gun control laws in the nation on December 8. Ballot Measure 114 bans the sale of any firearm with a magazine capacity exceeding ten rounds and requires a permit to purchase any firearm […]

5 Iconic rifles of the 20th Century

From the simple sling which killed Goliath to the knightly longsword which cut swathes through the armies of medieval Europe, every age has had a weapon which characterized the pinnacle of its martial technology. For the last 400 years, that weapon has been the firearm in some form or another. For the pioneers and revolutionaries […]