With the recent release of Netflix’s hot new anime Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, players are tempted to return to the neon-lit streets of Night City. CD Projekt Red’s open world action RPG game Cyberpunk 2077 saw a disastrous release with more bugs than a Watson dumpster, but the game is beginning to make a comeback thanks to bug fixes and new content in recent patches.

But this blog talks about guns, not games. The various gangs, cops, mercs and civilians who call Night City their home utilize a vast arsenal of firearms from simple semi-automatic pistols to smart weapons whose bullets hone in on targets without the need for aiming. Finding real world analogs to these futuristic weapons would be an exercise in futility (although it would sure be nice to have a smart rifle), but the weapon optics of the Cyberpunk world fall slightly more within the realm of reality.

Some players may be surprised to know Cyberpunk 2077’s close combat optics and rifle scopes have comparable counterparts in the real world. Although some of the sights from the game may look fancy with their holographic reticle projections and high-tech rangefinders, real world gun nuts will be happy to know there are a few IRL optics which resemble Cyberpunk’s in either form or function. What may be surprising is the capabilities of many real world optics far exceed their fictional counterparts. Many come with much greater magnifications, advanced reticles, digital night vision and other high tech features that put the game’s optics to shame.

Budget Arms Add-Vantage: Firefield Multi Red and Green Reflex Sight

The Add-Vantage is a low-priced, basic optic from Budget Arms described as a holographic sight for the masses. The in-game optic can change colors and opacity based on detected threats. In the real world, the Multi Red and Green Reflex Sight from Firefield may not be able to change colors automatically, but unlike many other red dot sights, it offers four different reticle patterns with different reticle types and colors with adjustable brightness, making it an extremely adaptable optic. For only $34.97, it’s also cheaper than the Add-Vantage’s in-game price of €$135, making it perfect for the budget-conscious shooter.

CQO Mk 72 Kanone MINI: Ultra Shot M Spec

Cyberpunk 2077’s CQO Mk 72 Kanone MINI is touted as a close quarters optic that emphasizes functionality above all else. Likewise, the Ultra Shot M Spec from Sightmark is a hardy optic with wide elevation and adjustment ranges as well as a durable body made of magnesium alloy. This red dot sight can withstand recoil up to that of a .50 BMG. Relying on a single 123A for power, it has an impressive 2,000 hours of battery life. Just like the CQO Mk 72 Kanone Mini, the Ultra Shot M Spec is a red dot without any unnecessary bells or whistles with a robust construction able to withstand all the punishment of a high-stress environment.

E255 Percipient: X4 Fire Control System

With its elevation and angle calculators, ammo counter and internal digital range finder, the E255 Percipient might seem like an optic set firmly in the realm of science fiction. However, the folks at Maztech Industries are in the business of transforming science fiction into science fact. The X4 FCS is not a scope, but a range-finding adapter that attaches to a 30mm or 34mm LPVO. Set to release in early 2023, the X4 will provide real time ballistic calculations using external temperature, pressure, humidity, altitude, pitch, roll, and heading. Combined with firearm and ammunition data supplied by the user, the X4 FCS is designed to automatically calculate for range and external conditions to generate a ballistic reticle on a target without the user having to do any ballistic calculations. In addition, Magpul has partnered with Maztech to develop a rounds-remaining system which, as its name implies, will display how many rounds a weapon has in its magazine. The future is now.

E305 Prospecta: Pulsar Digisight Ultra N455

Cyberpunk’s E305 Prospecta is a riflescope that offers high visibility in low light environments thanks to the pale view tint through its ocular lens. The Digisight Ultra N455 offers much more. A true digital night vision riflescope, the Digisight Ultra N455 features both night vision as well as full color illumination in low light conditions with its SumLight™ function, which works by digitally enhancing the brightness and contrast in fading light, just like the E305 Prospecta. Exceeding its video game counterpart in terms of performance, the Digisight Ultra N455 can detect targets over 500 yards away and boasts a powerful 4.5x-18x magnification. It also features photo and video recording, magnified picture-in-picture display, and an IR illuminator which lets it see targets in complete darkness.

HPO Mk 77 Kanone MAX: Wraith HD 4-32×50 Digital Riflescope

The HPO Mk 77 Kanone MAX is a feature-rich long range scope designed specifically for sniper rifles. It features a variable magnification targeting system and night vision hard to match in Night City. In the real world, Sightmark’s Wraith 4-32×50 Digital Riflescope provides those options and more. The Wraith is the latest and greatest digital night vision riflescope from Sightmark, and the first to offer both full color daytime and night vision modes. While the fictional HPO Mk 77 Kanone MAX forces its user to see the world through a bright green ocular lens, the Wraith has three color modes: full color daytime, black and white night vision, and green NV mode. With its IR illuminator, the Wraith is capable of detecting targets in absolute darkness, and its 4-32x variable magnification blows the HPO Mk 77 Kanone MAX’s 3x magnification out of the water.

Hyakume: Radetec ammo counter + Reflex sight

The Hyakume is advertised as a small holographic scope with an ammo counter. While it’s difficult to emulate it with a single piece of equipment, as we have previously established, modern technology has taken ammo counters out of science fiction. The engineers at Radetec have designed ammo counters for the Glock, M1911, and Beretta 92. Neither products require gunsmithing and can be installed largely by hand. For Glock users, the Radetec Smart Slide and Radetec RISC feature an LCD display on the rear of the slide which indicate the number of rounds in a magazine. M1911 and Beretta 92 users can simply replace their slides with the Radetec Digital Counter. With products like these, say goodbye forever to that surprise click of firing on an empty mag. To get the true Cyberpunk optic experience, simply add a red dot of your choice.

Mk 2x Grandstand: Eliminator IV LaserScope 4-16x50mm

This long-range riflescope has digitally enhanced targeting systems which make it suitable for all types of rifles in Cyberpunk 2077. Equipped with its own rangefinder, a real-world counterpart would be hard to find – but not impossible. The Burris Eliminator is designed to detect targets 2,000 yards away. With its built-in rangefinding system, it feeds the user data on the distance to a target and highlights the correct holdover to use through its reticle based on the user’s rifle and ammunition, and environmental elements such as wind and elevation. A technological marvel, the Burris Eliminator is perfect for long range hunting in extreme conditions.

For all those Cyberpunk fans who’ve fantasized about modifying their guns to be like the Edgerunners of Night City, now you know you can. Surprised to know reality is on the cutting edge of science fiction? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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