According to Patrick Roberts at the Firearm Rack, the new GLOCK 43X was leaked to Recoil magazine a few weeks ago and now, Sootch00’s review of the gun was released prior to the embargo date.

The new GLOCK 48 was mentioned by Sootch00 before its embargo date and is a 9mm pistol with a silver color finished slide.
The new GLOCK 48 and 43X image courtesy of The Firearm Rack
The GLOCK 43X reviewed by online gun reviewer Sootch00 was leaked before the embargo date. It has a longer grip frame to accommodate 10 round mags and silver NP3-coated slide.
Side by side comparison of the GLOCK 43 and 43X image courtesy of The Firearm Rack

Apparently, this sliver-slided thing is real…

The GLOCK 48 was also part of the leak.

So, what’s up with what we’ll see GLOCK bring to SHOT Show 2019? The 9mm 43 redux. Sootch00 says in his video review that the GLOCK 43X and the 48 are new guns, but after reading Patrick’s assessment and watching the video, GunLove will have to disagree. (We weren’t invited, nor was anyone we are affiliated with to review the GLOCK 43X prior to its release.)

Do you consider “improvements” a new gun? (Tell us in the comment section.)


Like last year’s GLOCK “hybrid,” the 43X is a 9mm GLOCK 43 slide built on a slightly larger grip frame to accommodate new 10 round mags. When Sootch00 lays the new 43X on top of the old 43, it is obvious how considerably larger the grip frame on the 43X is. It is the same length as the G19—making this version of the 43 not as convenient to conceal.

The grip frame also has a different grip texture and the slide features front slide serrations.

Sootch00 doesn’t address the 48 very much in the video leak but he does say it is like the 43X with a longer barrel.

Both the “new” 43X and 48 have an NP3-coated slide.

GunLove asks, “What’s up with that slide, doe?”

Sootch00 doesn’t say and Patrick predicts it is meant to appeal to the Fudds. (A Fudd is someone who believes hunting guns are the only ones that should be protected under the Second Amendment. They generally agree with “assault weapons” bans, magazine restrictions and don’t think the AR-15 is a rifle that may be used for hunting.)

Patrick writes, “The NP3 coated slide classes the pistol up, something those 1911 toting Fudds have historically complained about on black “Combat Tupperware” pistols. Everyone knows that silver is more fancy, even if there is little to no functional benefit to the coating on the exterior of the slide.”

Both Patrick and Sootch00 suggest this 43X is GLOCK’s direct competition to the SIG P365. Though both the SIG and GLOCK 43X are chambered in 9mm and hold 10+1 rounds, the GLOCK is bigger and weighs more. The GLOCK’s barrel is one inch longer than the SIG.

We don’t know how to feel about it. What about you? Tell us what you think about the new GLOCK 43X and 48 in the comment section.

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