Yesterday, CNN published an article stating that an official ban on bump stocks will be announced in the next few days.

GunLove reported on social media Tuesday afternoon that the rule had already been written but hadn’t been filed yet.

A Slide Fire bump stock.
A Slide Fire bump stock.

According to CNN, a senior Justice Department official told the news agency, “Bump stocks turn semiautomatic guns into illegal machine guns. This final rule sends a clear message: Illegal guns have no place in a law-and-order society, and we will continue to vigorously enforce the law to keep these illegal weapons off the street.”

There is no grandfather clause in the ban and we will be given 90 days to either turn in our bump stocks or “discard” them.

RW Arms is still selling Slide Fire and other bump stocks.

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Bump stocks have always been completely legal and do not require a background check to purchase. You don’t need to register your bump stock, they do not have serial numbers and there is no record of your purchase.

The rule published at the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs the rule states:

This rule is intended to clarify that the statutory definition of machinegun includes certain devices (i.e., bump-stock-type devices) that, when affixed to a firearm, allow that firearm to fire automatically with a single function of the trigger, such that they are subject to regulation under the National Firearms Act (NFA) and the Gun Control Act (GCA).   The rule will amend 27 CFR 447.11, 478.11, and 479.11 to clarify that bump-stock-type devices are machineguns as defined by the NFA and GCA because such devices allow a shooter of a semiautomatic firearm to initiate a continuous firing cycle with a single pull of the trigger.  Specifically, these devices convert an otherwise semiautomatic firearm into a machinegun by functioning as a self-acting or self-regulating mechanism that harnesses the recoil energy of the semiautomatic firearm in a manner that allows the trigger to reset and continue firing without additional physical manipulation of the trigger by the shooter.

The final action has a date of 12/00/2018.

AWR Hawkins for writes, “ATF Acting Director Thomas Brandon told the U.S. Senate he anticipates a legal challenge against the ban and acknowledged that that challenge could slow the ban’s implementation.”

Supporters of the ban, like Nancy Pelosi, the newly appointed leader of House Democrats, have expressed the desire for the ban to pave the way for further gun control.

As we have published in previous posts, a bump stock ban will do absolutely nothing to stop bad people from killing innocent ones. There is nothing about the bump stock that makes it more deadly or powerful or any other buzzword the anti-gun crowd wants you to believe.

We anticipate the new rule being challenged in court.

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