August is National Shooting Sports Month and there are just a few days left to celebrate…even though we know you celebrate all year round…August is a good time to try something new or introduce a new shooter to the sport.

  1. Try Competing.

There are so many different types of shooting competitions out there—of course, trap, skeet and clays, but there are also pistol-specific, rifle-specific, airgun-specific and then shotgun, pistol and rifle all in one!

  • Glock Shooting Sports Foundation
  • NSSF Rimfire Challenge
  • IDPA
  • Cowboy Action Shooting
  • 3-Gun
  • Steel Challenge/SCSA
  • NRA Action Pistol
  • Bullseye Pistol
  • USPSA Multigun
  • Air Rifle Precision
  • Precision Rifle
  • Benchrest
  • CMP Rifle
  • Palma
  • F-Class
  • NRA High Power
  • Small Bore Rifle
  1. Try your hand at long-range precision shooting.
  2. Visit the NRA’s Whittington Center.
  3. Attend a pro-gun rally.
  4. Try out a new gun at the range.Meme with black and white photo of three firearms and this quote by Piper Smith, "We are the ambassadors of freedom and we should seek to be as effective in that role as often as possible."
  5. Teach a new shooter.
  6. Clean your guns thoroughly.
  7. Dry fire practice at home.
  8. Go hog or varmint hunting.
  9. Buy a new gun.
  10. Try reloading.
  11. Take a self-defense pistol or tactical carbine class.
  12. Get your concealed carry license.
  13. Post pictures on your social media of people practicing safe responsible gun use.
  14. Donate to a pro-gun/Second Amendment rights organization.
  15. Spend time at the gun range.
  16. Volunteer your time at a youth shooting event.
  17. Begin the process of purchasing a suppressor.
  18. Rent a machine gun and shoot full auto for the first time.
  19. Sight-in your hunting rifles.
  20. Plan an outdoor weekend for National Hunting and Fishing Day September 22.

To spread the shooting sports love, share this post and use the hashtag #LetsGoShooting.

How are you celebrating?

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