An armed citizen potentially prevented a mass shooting on Thursday night at a popular restaurant in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. At least 100 people were inside dining when 28-year old Alexander Tilghman, wearing ear and eye protection, opened fire at Louie’s On the Lake bar and grill. He shot three people.

Crime scene after a shooting at Louie's at the lake where an armed citizen stopped a mass shooting.
An armed citizen prevented shooter Alexander Tilghman from killing people at Louie’s in Oklahoma City.

Alexander fled the grill and was taken down by a bystander and observer who had a firearm. The armed citizen yelled at Tilghman to put his gun down, but Tilghman didn’t comply. Two men, Carlos Nazario and Bryan Wittle, have been identified as the two men present when Tilghman was stopped. It is not yet known who fired the shot that took down the gunman.

Four people were injured—three shot and one fell when fleeing the scene and broke his arm—all are listed in good condition and expected to survive.

The Oklahoma City police Captain Bo Mathews said, “…it was a good Samaritan that was there and looks like he took the right measures to be able to put an end to a terrible, terrible incident. This is a blessing that it was stopped at this point, who knew when this guy was going to stop shooting people. These guys were protecting somebody else’s life. You can say they are heroes.”

Dennis Will, whose daughter and granddaughter was shot said, “I would love to congratulate him, give him a big hug.”

At the time this article was written and published, there was no word of motivation and police say they believe that the woman and child shot were not necessarily targeted. The gunman had no history of mental illness.

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