Popular dating app Bumble has banned pictures of guns and knives and has asked users to report anyone who has a picture of a gun.

Bumble announced last night in a blog post they will be removing all photos that have guns and knives in them. Military and Law Enforcement in uniform will be an exception. Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd claims that shooting sports competitors will have the opportunity to appeal photo removals. (Yeah, sure. We’ll believe that when we see it.)

The New York Times reports that Bumble has 5,000 moderators working on removing pictures. Herd said that Bumble will also be removing any mention of the word “gun” or “guns” in users’ profiles in the future. “If I could police every other social platform in the world, I would,” Herd said.

Instagram pic with yellow background and black rifle with a banned symbol over it
Bumble bans photos of guns

Bumble’s Instagram posted a picture that reads:

“If you see a photo of someone with a gun while swiping on Bumble, please use the report button in app so our team can take action.”

Bumble is going to donate $100,000 to March For Our Lives.



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