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We totally agree with you, Guns America. This retractable bayonet is something we’d buy.

Man demonstrating a prototype of a retractable bayonet for the AR-15
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Guns America writer, S.H. Blannelberry says, “In the running for coolest product I’ve seen at SHOT Show 2018.” We’re not going to go that far, but yes, it is cool. We’ll wait and see what the final product is made of. It should be ready to ship by April or May.

This SHOT Show 2018 prototype is made of aluminum and the blade is just cheap steel.

It’s made in the U.S.A. by American Defense Innovations and will be distributed by Paper City Firearms.

Guns America reports that the final product will probably be a polymer sleeve over the aluminum with a much higher-quality, corrosion-resistant blade.

American Defense Innovations says, “The Stinger (patent pending) mounts to any Picatinny rail system. It is very familiar, simulating the action of a pump shotgun with all of the psychological effects associated.”

We don’t buy into the pump your shotgun to scare ‘em tactic and that’s not what we’d used this retractable bayonet for. To us, this is simply just a fun range toy about as ‘useless’ or useful as a bump stock.

It operates by pressing a button that is easily accessible located underneath the blade’s housing.

Commenters on the post were pretty opposed to even the IDEA of this thing…. (cough Fudd cough)

Watch the video and then tell us what you think in the comments below.


Find American Defense Innovations here and find Paper City Firearms here.

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