If this looks retro to you, it’s because it is. Hornady’s new(ish) Frontier Cartridge is a collaboration with the Lake City Army Ammunition plant and it’s not Hornady’s first time. The first time they collaborated with the Army Ammunition Plant was in 1964.

Frontier Cartridge ammo boxes with .223 AR-15 ammo next to it
Hornady announces Frontier Cartridge made with Lake City brass, topped with Hornady bullets.

This throwback to Hornady’s first go at ammo making isn’t just nostalgic. The new rounds are loaded in Missouri at the Lake City plant using reloadable brass cases, military-grade boxer primers and powder, topped with Hornady bullets. The Frontier Cartridge line is specifically made to be an economical, military-spec round. Eleven choices in .223 and 5.56mm will be initially offered with bullets for practice and training and self-defense.

Available Loads:

  • .223 Rem 55-gr. FMJ
  • .223 Rem 55-gr. Spire Point
  • .223 Rem 55-gr. Hollow Point Match
  • .223 Rem 68-gr. BTHP Match
  • 56 NATO 55-gr. FMJ M193
  • 56 NATO 55-gr. Hollow Point Match
  • 56 NATO 62-gr. FMJ
  • 56 NATO 62-gr. Spire Point
  • 56 NATO 62-gr. BTHP Match
  • 56 NATO 68-gr. BTHP Match
  • 56 NATO 75-gr. BTHP Match

Frontier Cartridge by Hornady will come in 20-round, 150-, 500-round boxes and 1,000-round bulk packs.

According to the company’s history, Frontier is how Hornady got into making ammo. In 1964, Hornady founded Frontier Ammunition, using military surplus brass cases loaded with Hornady bullets. The demands from the Vietnam War made Hornady switch to new cases—giving birth to Hornady Ammunition.

Jason Hornady, Vice President of Hornady, said, “…the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant came to Hornady with an opportunity to tap into some of its capacity. The cool thing about this opportunity is, as a bullet manufacturer, one of the biggest, we have the ability with the Lake City organization to provide military-spec cartridges with better bullets. When you have an opportunity like this, you cannot pass it up.”

It’s out of stock, but Midway has it listed for $9.39 per 20-round box of 5.56 XM193.

It should begin shipping to dealers in February.

Will you try out the Frontier Cartridge? Tell us why or why not in the comment section below.


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