The Washington Gun Ban and Why it Won’t Work

Thanks to the Washington gun ban, the Evergreen State has become the 9th state in the union to prohibit the manufacture, importation, distribution, and selling of “assault weapons.” Other “assault-free” weapon states like Illinois (84% of homicides committed with guns), California (72% of homicides committed with guns), and all the other anti-2A states applaud its […]

The SKS and Why Assault Weapons Bans Are Stupid

Whenever the Blue party tries to pass an “assault weapons” ban or speak against “assault weapons” in general, the AR-15 is always put in the spotlight as a “military weapon of war” whose 5.56x45mm ammo is so powerful it can “blow a body apart” and “cook a deer from the inside.” This alleged “fully-semi-automatic” gun […]

Bolt action vs. semi-automatic rifles

Some hunters wonder why people still use bolt action rifles, even though semi-automatic rifles exist. After all, it’s easier to do follow-up shots if you don’t have to cycle the bolt every time you fire, and the same people bringing down deer with AR-10s can expect to do the same job with Remington 700s. So […]

M16 clone quiz

The M16 has revolutionized warfare forever. Eugene Stoner’s “plastic” rifle was one of the first service rifles to depart from the heavy, clunky wooden rifles that had been favored by war-fighting nations since the Second World War. First battle-tested in Vietnam, this lightweight, air-cooled gas-operated rifle was developed in the 1960s by the Armalite corporation […]