The New .224 Valkyrie—an Outstanding Ride or Flash in the Pan?

Federal has released a brand-new cartridge for the AR-15—or what they are calling the MSR 15—claiming “match accuracy” supersonic velocity to 1,300 yards… “the world’s only” cartridge to do this. Introducing the .223 Valkyrie Essentially, this new round is a 6.8 SPC/.30 Remington case necked down for .224 bullets, with comparable ballistics to a 6.5 […]

Franklin Armory Announces Reformation—11.5” Barrel Non-NFA Firearm

Franklin Armory dropped a mysterious press release yesterday, announcing a new “not a rifle,” “not a shotgun,” AR-15-like rifle with a standard Magpul stock and an 11.5” barrel. The company claims it is a non-NFA, non-SBR and requires no tax stamp and no paperwork. It is called the Reformation. Jay Jacobson, President of Franklin Armory, […]


Are you guys excited about the GLOCK 19X? Though it’s not really new new, it is what we’re getting from GLOCK for 2018, so GLOCK fans, you can decide to be happy about it, or continue being grumpy for the rest of your life waiting for something that is never going to happen… But, I […]