No Red and Blue Banks Act Introduced

Should there be a law preventing banks from discriminating against gun companies? ‘If you want to make banking a red versus blue issue, then you don’t need to do business with the federal government.’-Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) After the February 14, 2018, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, many private companies decided […]

The On-Again Off-Again Love Affair with the 10mm

Guest post written by Suzi Shooter Springfield Armory just announced the release of two new (apparently) highly-anticipated pistols—a 4.5-inch and 5.25-inch XD(M) chambered in 10mm. Springfield claims, as well as fans on the internet say, customers have been begging for this gun for years. The 10mm isn’t necessarily a popular round, but it certainly has […]

Breaking News: Federal Ban on Bump Stocks Coming Soon!

Before a year ago yesterday, no one outside the gun world had ever heard of a bump stock—pretty much a novelty range toy that enables people to rapidly fire their rifles to mimic a rate of fire near full auto. (Bump firing is something AR and other MSR owners have done forever. It has always […]

BREAKING NEWS: GLOCK Releases Three New Pistols

GLOCK announced three new pistol models this morning after the German magazine, Caliber, leaked an ad in its October digital edition. The GLOCK 45—chambered in 9mm—is essentially a model Gen5 19x with a few improvements in the design. The GLOCK 19x was new for 2018. The 19X and now the 45 share a compact GLOCK […]

Arming Teachers with Federal Money

The desperate anti-gun media fired a pretty cheap shot last week with this piece of #FakeNews: The New York Times printed an article titled, “Education Secretary Considers Using Federal Funds to Arm Schools.” The next day, the newspaper updated the article with a link to another article titled, “Betsy DeVos Eyes Federal Education Grants to […]

Conceal Carry Permits on the Rise

Since 2007, the amount of concealed carry permit holders has increased by 273%. 2016 marked the highest number of background checks performed for gun purchases in recorded history. Recent studies have shown that despite what the mainstream and other anti-gun organizations would like us to believe, people are still purchasing guns in record numbers. Less […]

21 Ways to Celebrate National Shooting Sports Month

August is National Shooting Sports Month and there are just a few days left to celebrate…even though we know you celebrate all year round…August is a good time to try something new or introduce a new shooter to the sport. Try Competing. There are so many different types of shooting competitions out there—of course, trap, […]

Breaking News—Shopify Bans the Sale of Firearms, Ammo and Accessories

On Friday, August 10, 2018, Shopify, an ecommerce and point-of-sale platform for merchants, sent an email to Cody Wilson, founder and director of 3D printing open source non-profit Defense Distributed, alerting him of the involuntary closure of his online store. Cody was given just five business days to export over two years’ worth of data […]

Should Civilians be Able to Own Military-Grade Weapons?

The legality of AR-15s and other rifles have been a hot topic lately. Many question why any civilian would need a firearm designed for military use. This topic has been argued by gun control advocates and gun supporters alike. But what was the original intent of the Second Amendment? Did the colonists of the American […]

Gun Rights vs Gun Control: Why Neither Can Stop Crime

Written by John Shellenberger In the wake of a mass shooting, opinions and statistics about gun rights and gun control are bountiful. Thanks to the internet, statistics, whether they are valid or not, are simply a short click away. What is harder to find are the legitimate, unbiased facts surrounding firearm use. While Republicans and Democrats […]