SHOT Show 2018: Kriss Vector Gen II

Our team made it back from SHOT Show exhausted, excited, safe and sound with a ton of pictures of all the cool stuff we had a chance to get our hands on. Some of it new, some of it not so new. Keep checking back, as we’ll be updating regularly with new pictures. The Kriss […]

The Stinger Retractable AR-15 Bayonet

File under: Things We Think are Cool We totally agree with you, Guns America. This retractable bayonet is something we’d buy. Guns America writer, S.H. Blannelberry says, “In the running for coolest product I’ve seen at SHOT Show 2018.” We’re not going to go that far, but yes, it is cool. We’ll wait and see […]

Hornady (Re) Introduces Frontier Cartridge

If this looks retro to you, it’s because it is. Hornady’s new(ish) Frontier Cartridge is a collaboration with the Lake City Army Ammunition plant and it’s not Hornady’s first time. The first time they collaborated with the Army Ammunition Plant was in 1964. This throwback to Hornady’s first go at ammo making isn’t just nostalgic. […]

Mossberg Announces Mag-Fed 590 Shotgun

On the first day of SHOT Show 2018, Mossberg sent out a press release announcing its new mag-fed 590 pump-action shotgun. Initially, two models will be available, both in 12 gauge with 18.5-inch heavy-walled cylinder bore barrels, 2-3/4-inch chamber and a black synthetic stock. They both come with Mossberg’s patented 10-round double-stack magazine—the world’s first […]

Franklin Armory Announces Reformation—11.5” Barrel Non-NFA Firearm

Franklin Armory dropped a mysterious press release yesterday, announcing a new “not a rifle,” “not a shotgun,” AR-15-like rifle with a standard Magpul stock and an 11.5” barrel. The company claims it is a non-NFA, non-SBR and requires no tax stamp and no paperwork. It is called the Reformation. Jay Jacobson, President of Franklin Armory, […]


Are you guys excited about the GLOCK 19X? Though it’s not really new new, it is what we’re getting from GLOCK for 2018, so GLOCK fans, you can decide to be happy about it, or continue being grumpy for the rest of your life waiting for something that is never going to happen… But, I […]