Now it is our turn to walk out…

On May 2nd, at 10 a.m., students from over 300 schools in over 40 states will walk out of classrooms for 16 minutes in support of gun rights.

Primary organizer Will Riley says, “The media’s depiction of my generation as anti-Second Amendment is nothing less than lying by omission. There are two sides to every story, and the mainstream media is trying hard to make sure only one is heard.” Will is a senior at Carlsbad High School in Carlsbad, New Mexico.

The reason Riley is organizing Stand for the Second? In an interview with the Daily Wire, Riley says, “The reason we’re doing it as walkout, the (March For Our Lives) students received that as a platform from their schools. It was totally condoned, across the country, if not, then outright encouraged, and our movement deserves to have the same platform. We need an equal playing field or it’s viewpoint discrimination.”

Blue sign Stand for the 2nd Walkout on May 2 protest sign.
On May 2 at 10 a.m. for 16 minutes, pro-Second Amendment students will walkout.

Riley pressured his school to accept the walkout because students who left school on March 14 to protest gun violence were excused. Many schools around the nation allowed students to walkout during the National Student Walkout, while some said students who left would face disciplinary action.

During the Stand for the Second walkout, students will educate other students about their constitutional rights. Under the FAQ section on the website, Stand for the Second says, “Having a well-informed, well-educated citizenry is key to our success as a republic.”

In an opinion piece published in the Washington Examiner, Riley writes:

“Rather than focus on the victims of firearms, as the gun control walkout did, our walkout will recognize all the American lives saved each year by firearms. Every year anywhere from 500,000 to 3 million Americans use a firearm to defend themselves. If you assume the midpoint, 1.5 million is the most accurate number, during a 16-minute walkout that breaks down to 91 American lives saved during the walkout. We want Americans to know that firearms are overwhelmingly used for good in our country. More importantly, the Constitution guarantees the right of every law-abiding American to keep and bear arms. That is what we want to remind people of: Our Constitution is still relevant today and the Second Amendment in particular is still sacred.”

In the article, Riley points out that March for Our Lives had financial support from celebrities and national anti-gun organizations. Stand for the Second is a student-organized, student-led protest without any high-profile support.

The Tea Party Patriots have helped Riley by dedicating a part of its website to making it easy for students to sign up and print out protest signs. Click here to participate in tomorrow’s Stand for the Second walkout.

The national media gave the March for Our Lives a lot of coverage and positive attention. Are you surprised its pretty much ignoring Stand for the Second? Gun Love is asking you to share this post with everyone you know, so we can raise awareness in support of these brave, pro-gun, pro-Second Amendment young men and women.
  • Diana says:

    So glad some students are not being influenced by the evil demonrats!! We need to stand up for the 2nd amendment!!