Your new excuse: “Mid-Life Improvement”

Here we have a few cool guns at the H&K Booth.

First is the MP5 MLI RAL8000. It’s an MP5 “Mid Life Improvement” model. The upgrades are a railed handguard and a three-position adjustable stock. The RAL8000 is the color, which isn’t quite FDE. It’s chambered for 9mm.

New H&K MP5 in brown color displayed at SHOT Show 2018.
Tell the wife it is your “mid-life improvement…”

The MP7A2 is a submachine gun chambered in 4.6mmx30 and has a U-shaped MIL-STD-1913 triple rail handguard.

H&K MP7 with a light brown finish displayed at SHOT Show 2018.
H&K MP7 is a lightweight personal defense firearm for CQB.

This is the HK269, a 40mm-caliber grenade launcher based on the GLM/M320 which will work as a stand-alone weapon or you can mount it on your gun.

Black, H&K 269 grenade launcher.
The HK269 is based on the GLM/M320 but enhanced.

Automatic grenade launcher.

H&K automatic grenade launcher at SHOT Show.
When you need to launch grenades really fast.
Which H&K is your favorite? (It doesn’t have to be one shown here.) Tell us in the comment section below.