Our team made it back from SHOT Show exhausted, excited, safe and sound with a ton of pictures of all the cool stuff we had a chance to get our hands on. Some of it new, some of it not so new.

Keep checking back, as we’ll be updating regularly with new pictures.

The Kriss Vector has been out for a few years, but we stopped by to check out the Gen II models and snapped pics of the carbine, pistol and select-fire. Improvements on all Gen II models from previous generations include a top and bottom Picatinny rail, enhanced grip texturing, angled safety selector, pivoting trigger with a better positive reset, flip up sights and an M4 stock. They still share the same unique and innovative Super V recoil mitigation system. This system is why the gun looks so futuristic. It operates on a blowback action, but not completely a straight blowback system. The bolt goes back and down into the firearm, which controls muzzle rise and helps lessen felt recoil. It is designed specifically to be able to shoot easily for quick, accurate follow up shots. They accept standard Glock magazines.

The lower receiver has the serial number, so you can switch between calibers at the range or in the field without any tools—The Kriss Vector is available in 9mm, .45 ACP, .40 S&W, .357 Sig and now 10mm.


Black Kriss Vector Gen II rifle with shrouded barrel in a case at SHOT Show 2018
The Kriss Vector Gen II pistol caliber carbine is available in 10mm.

The pistol-caliber carbine has a steel frame, polymer shell, and a 16-inch shrouded barrel. If you notice the new shroud, it is more squared than suppressor-shaped. It has an M4 collapsible stock and Magpul MBUS sights. It is 35.25 to 38.5 inches overall and has a 7 lbs. 9-ounce trigger pull.


Kriss Vector Gen II law enforcement/military select fire firearm with 5.5-inch barrel
The Kriss Vector Gen II SMG is a select-fire model with side-folding stock

The SMG is the law enforcement/military select-fire version. It has either an adjustable stock or side-folding stock and is available in 9mm and .45 ACP with a 5.5-inch barrel.


Kriss Vector Gen II pistol in white finish.
The Kriss Vector Gen II SDP pistol is available with a “Alpine” Cerakote finish.

This is the pistol with a 5.5-inch barrel and 16.75-inch overall length. This one shown is Cerakoted ‘Alpine.’

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